Make Sure You Care For Irish Jewelry To Keep It Looking New

Irish jewelry is stunning, and you want to keep it in the condition it is when you first receive it. No matter why you were given the piece of jewelry there will be great sentimental reasons behind it, and you will find yourself gazing at it often. Although you may expect a certain amount of wear to be found on the jewelry with proper care this can be avoided.Although you will want to wear your jewelry at all times this is the main reason why it becomes damaged, and dirty. You need to consider if the jewelry has to be worn all the time, and the occasions when it can be removed. There are many daily activities, and jobs that can damage the jewelry, and if possible, you should remove the jewelry for these.Gardening, baking, washing up, and sleeping can all damage your Irish jewelry, and the items should be stored when these activities are being conducted. Gardening is one of the worst activities that you can do that will damage your Jewelry. Not only will the soil discolor, and dirty the jewelry, but also the stones, and debris can chip. Even sleeping will cause a huge amount of damage by the continued rubbing on the bedding.There are several very effective ways to clean your jewelry especially if it is silver, as this precious metal will need cleaning, and caring for. Silver is quite a soft precious metal to have for your Irish jewelry, and therefore you will need to take good care of it. Silver jewelry will often tarnish far easier than other precious metals, so you should avoid wearing the jewelry in water. Cleaning the silver with warm water, and then polishing it is the preferred way to clean silver.You should never use tissues, hard cloths, or items such as toothpaste, or fizzy drinks to clean your silver Irish Jewelry. All of these are far too abrasive, and will in fact do more damage than before. If there are stones such as diamonds on the jewelry, you need to be very careful not to damage them during cleaning. Although some people soak their jewelry to allow it to clean deeply, this can in fact damage the precious stones set in the jewelry.If you want to store your Irish jewelry, it should be stored in separators, and not allowed to touch other pieces. The pieces of jewelry will need to be stored away from direct sunlight, and never in a hot place. If you are very careful how you prepare, and store your Irish jewelry, it will look fantastic every time you go to wear it.You will want to wear the Irish jewelry all of the time, however, this will only shorten the life of the piece. It may seem strange to remove your jewelry for certain jobs around the home, however, if you get into the habit of doing so you will see the rewards when your Irish jewelry is as perfect as the first time you wore it. Simple steps can create amazing rewards, and ensure that every so often the piece will need a basic clean to get it looking as good as new.